Want to build a space business? With the Powering Space program – you can. We’re running space entrepreneurship events, including a Space Startup Weekend, over the next few months to make it easier for you to launch or join a space startup.

At Powering Space, we believe that humanity’s future is in outer space, and we exist to make that future a reality.  We believe that venture backed startups have the best chance of making breakthrough innovations in space, and we exist to support and develop those entrepreneurs.

Currently, being a space entrepreneur is incredibly difficult – from the physical challenge of space, to the regulatory and funding environment, space can be extremely inaccessible, especially for those who aren’t already in the industry.  That’s not how it should be.  We want to make it easy for entrepreneurs to not only build businesses in space, but fundamentally revolutionise access to space.  Space should be for everyone.

We’re starting in London, with a series of events aimed at building new businesses in space, and better understanding what the challenges are for space entrepreneurship in the UK.  We’re bringing together institutional space organisations, NewSpace entrants, venture capital and government to support on this aim, and we want the support of anyone passionate about space. 

Over five months in 2019, we’ll bring together a host of individuals and organisations interested in the space sector, build new businesses and discover the structural challenges and opportunities involved in space entrepreneurship.  

Do you want to get involved?  Reach out and help us make the future a reality.