… yet it is not known by all!

We want to inspire people outside the space community to be passionate about, and engage in the wonderful world of space. The possibilities in this ‘new frontier’ are endless, but often not communicated properly outside the space sector. Sometimes that is because the person communicating space is an expert in communication, but not necessarily an expert in space. Sometimes the right sources to verify information are difficult to find.

Powering Space wants to bring the best of communication and the best of space together, in a truly global and diverse community that spans the world, and beyond!

Powering Space aims to be an inviting, accessible, friendly and safe go-to place to find a wide variety of knowledge, lessons learned – also the hard ones, and friendship, for space communicators and outreach practitioners from all around the globe. And yes, that includes YOU!

Powering Space is challenging the status quo in space and communication and strives to become the necessary change.