A few days ago one of the regular #SciCommChat participants asked about where to publish science outreach blog posts:

The following thread followed as a long answer to the simple question “Where to Blog”? Credit: @SciCommClub

1. Medium

@Medium – as someone who has considered writing, and hasn’t invested some time in creating a website, Medium is a great place to publish blog posts (and even republish blog posts). They also have a paid partner programme so you can start making some money while you’re at it!

2. Reddit

@Reddit – again, a great place to write short-form content but also to share your published blog posts (from your website or even your medium posts).

PS: beware of spamming subreddits with your own content.

3. LinkedIn

@LinkedIn articles – yep, you heard it right. You can publish full articles on LinkedIn. Being the biggest professional network, the real question is, why not publish on LinkedIn?

4. Guest posting

Guest posting for sites with a big following (like @BoldedScience and @addictivebrain [or @Dot_Space]) – this is great if you’re looking to add to your portfolio. Someone who may read your writing may also hire you for your work – there’s no guarantee though!

5. Contributor sites

Contributor sites – much like writing guest posts, there are many contributor sites out there that you may be able to write for. One such example is


6. Journalism sites

Journalism sites are also great to get some eyeballs on your work. I recommend using this as a way to create backlinks to your own site.

Personally, I love @thexylom and would recommend that you pitch to + publish with them.

7. Your own website

our own website. While I do like all the other recommendations here, I cannot deny how important it is to have your own website.

A website is your own living breathing portfolio and can really level up your writing because you can write without any restrictions.

8. Online magazines

Ohhh… Almost forgot to add… Online magazines are also a great place to post your content. I actually have a piece coming out on

@BrownGirlMag (hopefully soon – I *really* need to edit this and submit it for final review)

What more would you add? I’m sure I’m missing some brilliant sites here!

Original thread on Twitter:

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Read more about science blogging platforms on Jesse Harris’s blog page (and follow @Sci_Marketer on Twitter)

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