Last week the European Network of Science Centres and Museums (Ecsite) came together for its annual #Ecsite2022 conference. This is one of the largest gatherings of science communicators in Europe. The Ecsite Space Group is an Ecsite thematic group that aims to improve and extend communication about space science by helping science centres, space professionals and non-specialists to develop collaborative projects and events. It forms an important part of the European space communicators community.

Space Communicators Pre-Conference

On 1 June 2022 the Ecsite Space Group held a pre-conference workshop, titled ‘Space for today’s challenges’, co-organised by the European Space Agency – ESA.

The central question of this workshop was: ‘In a time when we are all increasingly called upon to foster more sustainable futures, what role can space play?’

This question was discussed during the one-day workshop in the ‘experimenta Science Dome’ at the event venue in Heilbronn, Germany. Participants learned about the latest developments from ESA, national space agencies and industries. Then participants were invited to attend several hands-on sessions and pitches, to support them in creating connections, while working with the latest tools, data and expertise.

As mentioned, many members of the space outreach community were part of the Ecsite event, including the education and outreach people of the first wooden satellite in the world, the wonderful Finnish Kitsat/WISA Woodsat:

About the Ecsite Space Group

Since 2012, the Ecsite Space Group offers a platform to facilitate cooperation among science centres, museums, research institutions, universities, national space agencies and industries all over Europe. Together, they aim at better sharing European space activities with the general public. The group was established with the support of the European Space Agency, ESA. It now comprises more than 190 science centres and museums


We will expand this article with more info when it gets published. Please mark your calendars for #Ecsite2023 at Esplora Malta, 14-17 June 2023!

Ecsite Conference 2023 #Ecsite2023 Esplora Malta

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