About Us

Powering Space is the first community dedicated solely to supporting space communicators.  We are a community of passionate, inspired space communication practitioners who know that humanity’s future is in, and depends on, space.  Our members work across the space sector, in areas like outreach, PR and marketing, to name a few, and have an outsized impact on the world at large.  We are helping to add rocket fuel to their ambitions, supporting them to do more and aim higher!

The Powering Space community brings together actors from across the space outreach spectrum to better share skills, information and resources enabling us to do more, as well as helping the space community to reach new communities and groups that are adjacent to, but not involved in, space.  Our guiding star ambitions are to: 

  • be the best space communicator community in the world.
  • become the go-to source for experts in the field of space communication.
  • become a source of knowledge for how best to communicate space.
  • show the value of all different types of space communication, including voluntary and professional communication.