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Panel: Perspectives on Space Outreach

Panel with specialists representing different angles of space outreach, answering the question ‘What is space outreach’ from the perspective of Science Centers, Space Societies, Space Education and Space NGOs.

Masterclass: Tik Tok

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Masterclass Tik Tok with Aaron Shepard, also knows as Space Cadet Shep.

Masterclass: Podcasting

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Masterclass Podcasting with Matt Russell of the Interplanetary Podcast.

Masterclass: YouTube

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Masterclass YouTube with Vincent Heidelberg of Stardust

Masterclass: Clubhouse

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Masterclass Clubhouse with Yvette Gonzalez of the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences (IIAS)

  • Yvette Gonzalez

Masterclass: Twitter

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Masterclass Twitter with Remco Timmermans of SpaceSide OÜ

Panel: Space Outreach Around the World

Panel that investigates space communication across borders and cultural boundaries. An exploration of space outreach from the lens of international, intergenerational and intercultural differences.

Masterclass: Transmedia

Masterclass Transmedia by Daniela Rodriguez Martinez of Mission Colibri

Masterclass: Storytelling

Masterclass storytelling by space journalist and author Nicholas Booth. How to adjust your story to different audiences?