Propelling Space Outreach

#Impulse2021 is a new conference series, dedicated to supporting space communicators around the world to learn, grow and meet!

Impulse 2021 – Asia-Pacific Edition

  • Date: Monday 21 June 2021
  • Time: 16:00 – 18:00 Singapore Time
  • Place: Virtual!

Why should you attend?

With this conference we want to bring together the space outreach and communication community to learn from and support each other in communicating space to a diverse set of audiences.

From masterclasses on effectively using social media, to learning more about how space communication works in different countries and hearing best practices on how to shape our messages, #Impulse2021 is there to help space communicators, like you, perform better!

Topics we will cover:

  • Using space outreach tools: tips and tricks
  • Sharing lessons learned and best space outreach practices
  • Celebrate diversity in communication styles and audiences
  • Create a knowledge network for anyone involved in space outreach

Who should attend?

This conference is open to ANYONE involved in or interested in space outreach. This specifically includes:

  • Space outreach professionals
  • Space marketeers
  • Space journalists
  • Space social media communicators
  • Space bloggers/vloggers
  • Space writers
  • Space influencers
  • Space event organisers
  • Science communicators
  • Space photographers, graphics designers
  • Space artists
  • Students in any of these fields
  • Anyone who loves to talk about space
  • Anyone interested in space marketing and outreach

Our definition of space outreach is very wide, so we include fields like outreach, marketing, social media, art, space technology, space data, astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology, astrochemistry, cosmology, government space, commercial space, space science centres and musea, space NGOs, university space projects, space startups, space law, space history, space events, space societies, private space exploration, model rocketry, and a few things more. The more unusual the outreach, the better!

Edition #1 – April 2021

The first edition of #Impulse2021 was held on 9 April 2021. Click below to see all replays and download the conference presentations:


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