Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn - Asteroid Day 30 June 2022

Come along for a Lunch and Learn with Powering Space where we talk about space communication campaigns that worked, and those that didn’t. Every month we feature three speakers who will talk about space outreach activities they have run, and will go into detail about why they worked, or what went wrong – often spectacularly – and the lessons learned.

Powering Space is hosting monthly Lunch and Learns, bringing together space communicators to discuss their failures and fuckups as well as things that went well so we can all learn, as a community, how to do better.

On this page you will find announcements of new events and the replays of past sessions. Join us for the next Lunch and Learn!

Next event – 30 June 2022

The next Lunch and Learn webinar will be on:

Asteroid Day!
Thursday 30 June 2022
from 12:00 to 13:00 UK (13:00-14:00 CET).

Past events

Episode 28 April 2022:

Communication at ESA with Philippe Willekens

Episode 17 March 2022

We talked about how to communicate and market space analogue research missions. These mission may look like silly people pretending to be on other planets, but are in reality very serious simulations of humanity’s first (or second) steps in new worlds! We had the following guests:

Lisa McNamee

(Trinity College Dublin), second place winner of the Royal Aeronautical Society ‘AeroTube’ contest in 2021, with her explainer video about Analogue Space Missions.

The CHILL-ICE project

“ICEE Space is an international space test, research, and development start-up for future human space exploration. With the analog mission CHILL-ICE, we provide commercial analog astronaut training and experiences as testbeds for upcoming Lunar research and systems in extreme environments on Earth. “

Past event recordings

Lunch and Learn, 30 September 2021, with:

  • Chiara Moenter about SDG18 – Space for All
  • Remco Timmermans about Galactic Britain
  • Judith Delany about Inspiration – or not?