Charlie Bilsland is a consultant and entrepreneur, and is passionate about driving entrepreneurship and innovation in the space sector.  He spent two years at IBMiX as a strategist, founded and ran Adventure Goat – an adventure travel marketplace – and has worked in innovation consulting for years, working for a range of clients, from business leaders in the Middle East, to leading European operations for Rocketspace.  His current challenge is creating an ecosystem for innovation in the space sector, and he is wildly excited by the potential of in-space manufacturing.

Stacey Medvedeva is a media professional, passionate about working in the space sector.  She has a background in policy and international relations, and has worked with a range of international organisations, including ESA, UNESCO, UBS, Conde Nast and Russia Today.  She is the founder of Space Pals, and gets very excited about space outreach and development.

Raphael Roettgen is an investor in, and advisor, to space companies. He also works as an advisor on space to institutional investors and governments. Before moving into space, Raphael held senior roles in investment management firms and investment banks, as well as being a fintech entrepreneur. His recent academic background focussed on space & artificial intelligence.